RoleARC ICHDR, PhD Candidate
ProjectDeveloping and characterising a novel comprehensive microphysiological system (MPS)
NodeUniversity of Melbourne
Supervisor/sProfessor Alastair Stewart, Dr Daniel Tan, Dr Bryan Gao
Industry Partner/sMultiple


  • 2018-2020: Bachelor of Biomedicine, Pathology——The University of Melbourne
  • 2021-2022: Master of Biomedical Science, Microbiology and Immunology——The University of Melbourne

Research Profile

My research focusses on creating a comprehensive high fidelity next generation microphysiological system (MPS). This primarily involves characterising and optimising a multiplex superfusion system that generates a physiological microenvironment for in vitro and ex vivo experimentation. Such a MPS can be deployed to vastly facilitate improving the predictive value of preclinical biomedical research and the uncovering of novel pathophysiological pathways.

I also have a background in microbiology and immunology, where I investigated the effect coinfection with influenza virus have on streptococcal colonisation and transmission.

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