Why are some people more prone to tendon and ligament injury than others?

We are delighted to promote a recent study by one of our CI’s, Prof Minghao Zheng, Director of the Centre for Translational Orthopaedic Research at The University of Western Australia and Chief Scientific Officer of our industry partner Orthocell.
This study has been published in top medical journal, Science Translational Medicine on February 25th. See a copy of the article here:  http://bit.ly/3suluH5

Prof. Zheng noted that the study offers new insights in the medical world by highlighting genetic factors responsible for sports injuries, including the commonly reported ACL rupture.

You can view the University of Western Australia’s press release, including a short video, via this link: https://www.uwa.edu.au/news/Article/2021/February/Some-more-prone-to-tendon-and-ligament-injuries

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