RoleAffiliate HDR, PhD Candidate
NodeUniversity of Western Australia
Supervisor/sProfessor Minghao Zheng
Industry Partner/sOrthocell Ltd


  • Master of Science in Biotechnology (Molecular Biology and Biochemistry) (2019-2021),
  • Bachelor of Science (Honours) Life sciences (2015-2019)

Research Profile

Priya completed her master’s in biotechnology with a specialisation in molecular biology and biochemistry from the University of Western Australia. During her dissertation, she explored the biochemical and genetic consequences of overexpressing a protein import component in mitochondria of Arabidopsis Thaliana. Her PhD is focused on enhancing peripheral nerve regeneration by devising an electrically conductive nerve guidance conduit. The project aims to develop a biocompatible conduit with electroconductive and topographical features to support bioelectrical signal transduction and guided regeneration of nerves.