The Graeme Clark Institute for Biomedical Engineering (GCI) recently announced the winning teams of the 2023 GCI Proof-of-Concept (POC) Funding Scheme. This new scheme aims to support researchers within the biomedical engineering field (including MedTech) who are employed by the University of Melbourne across different faculties to translate their research into viable commercialisation projects or start-ups.

Dr Bryan Gao (ARC CPTT ICPD) and Prof Alastair Stewart (ARC CPTT Director) are among the recipients for the project “Multiplexed Micro-physiological Perfusion System for Drug Testing“. Micro-physiological systems (MPS) are essential human-relevant, non-animal models extensively used in drug development. However, due to workflow incompatibilities and high operational barriers, applications have been unduly limited at smaller scales. There is an immediate need for a scalable and practical fluidic system for meaningful MPS adoptions across the industry. This project aims to directly address this demand by developing and commercialising a novel highly-multiplexed fluidic management platform for authentic biological sample culturing.

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