CSIRO Futures launches its new report on Non-animal models for which Centre director, Prof Alastair Stewart was an active participant of the steering committee, sharing his expertise on microphysiological systems (MPS)

To promote the report and provide a platform for Q&A on the report, CSIRO Futures organises a Research and Industry Webcast: “Non-animal models: A strategy for maturing Australia’s medical product development capabilities.”


Non-animal models have the potential to generate new revenue streams, improve productivity across the medical product development process, and support the global transition to reduce the reliance on animal models. CSIRO’s report, published on 31 August 2023, identifies 4 industry growth opportunities, 10 recommendations, and four research and development thematic priorities. Recommendations span several topics, including infrastructure, regulation, research, and governance, and were informed by consultation with over 100 experts from industry, research, and government. The report has the potential to extend beyond the medical product development process and benefit growth opportunities in other fields, such as veterinary and agricultural medicines, cosmetics testing, industrial chemicals, and eco-toxicology. The presentation will be followed by a Q&A session.

Host: Greg Williams, Associate Director, CSIRO Futures


  • Laura Thomas, Manager, CSIRO Futures
    Laura is a Strategy Manager in the CSIRO Futures team, the advisory arm of Australia’s national science agency. Laura will present a summary of the key report findings and lead a discussion on how industry and research can help Australia to strategically enhance capability in this field.
  • Dr Kim Fung, Principal Research Scientist, Health and Biosecurity, CSIRO
    Dr Kim Fung is a Principal Research Scientist and Team Leader in CSIRO, Health and Biosecurity. Her expertise is in the development and translation of novel and innovative diagnostic and therapeutic technologies for human health and disease with a focus on intestinal disease. Dr Fung will present a case study of a human organoid system that she has established for screening biological entities targeting disease prevention and personalised therapeutics.
  • Dr Kim Halpin, Group Leader, ACDP, CSIRO
    Dr Kim Halpin is a veterinary virologist and leads the Pathology and Pathogenesis Group at the at the Australian Centre for Disease Preparedness (ACDP). Her expertise is in emerging infectious diseases and utilising innovative molecular diagnostic technologies with the aim to manage and control emerging zoonoses. Dr Halpin will present a summary of the non-animal model work that ACDP scientists are currently undertaking.

Questions are welcome and may be submitted in advance (laura.thomas@csiro.au) or using the online tools available in the webcast.

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