CSIRO, in collaboration with government, research and industry partners has released a report which marks an important milestone in Australia’s journey towards more efficient medical product development. The University of Melbourne was among the sponsors of this important study. CPTT director, Prof Alastair Stewart contributed to the development of this report, and is proud to share the results of this collaboration with CSIRO.

The report, Non-animal models: A strategy for maturing Australia’s medical product development capabilities, assesses the potential of emerging non-animal models to complement or replace traditional animal models over the next 15 years.

Highlighting Australia’s strengths and aligning them with global needs, the report emphasises four key opportunities:

1.Complex in vitro models for drug discovery

2.Organ-specific models for preclinical development

3.Personalized models for trial participant and clinical treatment selection

4.Onshore production of model components

Ten recommendations have been designed to enable these opportunities and strategically advance Australia’s national non-animal model ecosystem.    Embrace the future of medical research and development. Read the full report.

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